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About ACOM:

Our Approach to Learning.

Engaging Students in Learning Adventures

ACOM has a rich history of leading the way in innovative ministry training. In the early 90’s ACOM shifted its focus from campus based learning to flexible delivery – using an instruction-action-reflection approach.

At ACOM we recognise your place of ministry or work is a living laboratory offering an opportunity for in depth on-the-job learning. We blend theory and practice in a missional learning adventure tailored to develop your intellectual knowledge, practical skills, and spiritual awareness.

Our face-to-face facilitations provide an opportunity for students to make sense of Biblical and theological content in the context of their personal spiritual life and ministry. These engaging learning experiences, facilitated by a leader in the field, is designed to help students become sharper theologically, deeper spiritually and stronger professionally.

Our research projects emphasise your ministry situation. Blending action, reflection, and theory to produce deep learning that is academically rigorous and practice oriented.

Personal Spiritual formation is a foundational experience at ACOM. We don’t run classes on formation; we help each student explore their own personal journey of self-awareness, social development, spiritual understanding, and faith surrender. This process is a transformational journey – going deep to be released for personal mission.

At ACOM we don’t just want smart graduates – we want graduates who are:

  • job ready (skilled to take on new challenges),
  • mission oriented (getting their hands dirty in mission and ministry),
  • spiritually well-formed (being deeply faithful and spiritually minded)