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Welcome to Research at ACOM

Research can be be a daunting prospect but the important next step for our students. In this section we aim to provide you "step by step" guides to help learn about the different types of research available to you and how to go about embarking on a research project. You will also find examples of research by ACOM staff and students.

Take a few minutes to listen to Darren Cronshaw, our Head of Research, talk to you about research with ACOM.

Please note: word counts are subject to change from what is mentioned in the video below. Please check the ACOM handbook for up to date information.


What are the various types of ACOM Research Units?

There are various types of research that are available to our undergraduate and post graduate students.The following video will outline the various types of research available to our students.

Next Steps

Now you need to contact youtr Learning Support Manager and begin to talk to them about your Course Plan, your ideas for research and they will help you get started.