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Higher Education:

Research at ACOM.

ACOM has a long history of providing innovative, transformational learning experiences. Research is one vehicle designed to integrate theory and practice - producing well-formed thought leaders who will provide solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

ACOM specialises in research designed to improve professional practice. Student/researchers are encouraged to learn through experimentation, discovery and adventure. The focus of research at ACOM is designed to be:

  1. useful for life and ministry,
  2. provide thought leadership for innovation and deep theological understanding, and
  3. will point people towards action in kingdom mission.

At ACOM we encourage you to shape your own learning experience. Learning how to do useful research helps student learn how to identify a problem that needs a solution, ask effective questions, challenge assumptions, collect data, and establish clear conclusions. These are essential skills for leaders who must adapt quickly to a complex and changing community context. This process is linked to rigorous scholarship and deep personal spiritual formation.

ACOM students conduct research within the context of their ministry passion: grounded in your local work, ministry or community situation. In doing so you will bring about change in three areas:

  1. you will make a unique contribution to the body of knowledge,
  2. you research process will be a catalyst for change in their local ministry/work context, and
  3. your own personal growth and development is a part of the outcomes of effective research.

This is about knowing, doing and being. It is an adventurous journey engaging the heart, mind and soul.

Students can do small research projects within their Bachelors or Masters degree. Some projects may require a prerequisite unit in Research Methodology.

An effective and life-changing research experience requires great supervision. At ACOM we are committed to excellence in this area. Our research supervisors are not just academic theorists: they are also ministry practitioners, living at the coalface of effective mission and ministry. As such the emphasis of our supervisors is firmly:

  • Mission-focused
  • Theologically reflective
  • Spirit empowered
  • Biblically grounded
  • Academically rigorous
  • Spiritually formative

Further information can be found here:

Higher Education Handbook