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Prospective Students:

Student Testimonials.

“ACOM provided me an opportunity to study at my own pace with the flexibility of using different study techniques.”
Jeremy Hancock

“My studies with ACOM gave me all the right tools to gain more wisdom, maturity and understanding of many things. Eg. How to relate to people, minister effectively, deepen my relationship with God and gain a stronger focus in going out to others.
I would like to commend ACOM on the 50% practical ministry that was applied to my course. Doing the actual work really took what I learnt into a solid foundation in understanding how it actually works out in real life. Everyone needs those experiences. Ministry isn’t as rosy as some people may think and being ground into both the practical and theoretical has given me great foundations to stay firm and know what to expect.”

Nathan Anderson

“I’ve studied with a more traditional college before. But with ACOM I was forced to grapple with issues of much greater biblical depth. I think the difference was that it wasn’t just about ideas but rather I had to put my biblical/theological understandings into practice in my own ministry setting. It forced me to be real, stretch and grow.”
Josh King

“ACOM is, in my mind, the best model of Christian education and ministry training available in Australia. Keep pioneering the way forward.”
Jaemin Frazer

“It has been a great journey and has allowed me to achieve a goal set 22 years ago. I have been stretched and stressed but repeatedly rewarded throughout the course and my understanding of the nature and love our God has been opened up beyond my expectation.”
Alan Marion

“ACOM for me is an excellent choice offering flexibility, a holistic approach to study/ministry, and relevance to the current trends in our changing world.”
Vicki Tunney

“ACOM Facilitations have always been a highlight of my year, not only academically but also as a disciple. As a student and a thinker I have for a few years now thrived on the opportunity to engage with staff and students in the intimate, somewhat intensive context of facilitations. But I’ve also cherished those times of reflection, community, prayer, tutelage, encouragement and spiritual nourishment as an essential part of my own journey with God. After months of questions, reading, essays, struggles, doubts and often laziness, an ACOM facilitation – and the experience of Jesus therein – can be like an oasis in life’s desert.”
Ben Viale

“For me formation was an enriching experience that restored my soul. Intimacy is about knowing and being known. Formation is all about this with God and others. Anyone thinking of engaging on this journey will be abundantly blessed.”
Charlie O’Bree

“I was really surprised at how powerful it was to share stories in the formation groups. The liberation of being transparent in the sharing of my own story, the insight into other people’s lives and experiences and the community built within the group was really encouraging and unforgettable.”
Brad Dewson

“I must say that every assignment, every facilitation managed to have an impact on me. I actually remembered much of what I had learned! Maybe it’s because I am more into learning (as a 45 year old) these days or I have come to realise how much I don’t know. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive nature of the facilitations in various locations and the way the teachers of those facilitations were engaged with us all. In fact we weren’t treated as students, but rather as adults in a learning environment. To me this made perfect sense and allowed for an atmosphere of curiosity and questioning without fear of embarrassment. By far, however, the most significant component of my studies at ACOM was being a part of Personal, Ministry and Spiritual Formation. These one year experiences not only enabled the grounding of learning from other subjects, but they also led to an to increase my own self-awareness in ministry. Asking the tough questions of myself and God in these safe but challenging environments was just what I needed.”
Murray Bingham

“ACOM has been a wonderful experience for me as I was able to complete a degree at my own pace while still working in ministry. The resources provided were excellent!”
Louise Wilson