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Undergraduate Study:


Elearning is studying online. At its simplest, elearning is online study sessions (web pages) with links to resources like PDF readings. Unless there is a textbook involved, everything you need for your subject is at your fingertips whenever and wherever you are. You can even use it on your iphone on a bus.

But it's more than just online access. Elearning is much more interactive!

Elearning can include:

  • Podcasts (audio sessions) or vidcasts (Video sessions) so you can hear (or see) the content provider or other speaker. Hearing someone explain a concept often makes it much easier to understand
  • Discussion Forums. There's nothing like bouncing ideas around with other students and having a great debate. Interacting and arguing (nicely) with issues is a great way to learn and experience other points of view. And in a forum, you aren't tied down to being in a place and time, and you can pursue the issues you are interested in.
  • Quizzes and other material interaction give instant feedback on your understanding of the material.

The time convenience of elearning is huge. We are in a world that is moving towards more and more asynchronous communication - i.e. communication that is not tied to a particular time. We use email and text messages instead of the phone because we prefer to respond when we have time. We enjoy time shifted, recorded and internet television, because we don't want to be tied down to a schedule.