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Higher Education:

Undergraduate Study.

Undergraduate Awards

ACOM Undergraduate programs are a dynamic learning experience designed to develop students as disciples, ministers, missionaries and leaders. The program is holistic – developing students intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Student learning is based in their place of ministry and consequently graduates are well rounded and job ready.

Undergraduate students with ACOM are enrolled in programs provided by the Sydney College of Divinity.

ACOM offers four undergraduate awards:

Unit descriptions

Descriptions of core and elective units can be found here:

Spiritual Formation

Nurturing spiritual depth, energy and excellence is the centerpiece in ACOM’s vision for equipping students for lifetime ministry. ACOM has long recognised that attention to one’s spiritual formation is the crucial element that enables ministers to thrive in sometimes difficult environments.

For further information on ACOM's Spiritual Formation program please click here.


An ACOM facilitation is an engaging “learning hothouse” designed to help students go on a journey of personal discovery. It is an encouraging space where students can gather to discuss the content of their course and apply it to everyday life.

For further information on ACOM Facilitations please click here.


eLearning is studying online. At its simplest, eLearning is online study sessions (web pages) with links to resources like PDF readings. Unless there is a textbook involved, everything you need for your subject is at your fingertips whenever and wherever you are. You can even use it on your iphone on a bus.

For further information on eLearning please click here.

Key Dates

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